Freshwater Ecology

Researchers in the Freshwater Ecology Theme provide scientific advice for the management of agriculture, mining and water extraction impacts on freshwater ecosystems, including habitat protection, wetland restoration and the control of invasive species.

Research undertaken in these ecosystems by the group includes:

  • Wetland rehabilitation and management
  • Exotic fish and aquatic weed control, especially tilapia, water hyacinth, olive hymenachne and paragrass
  • REMP design and implementation
  • Planning and management of water resource developments and irrigation developments
  • Ecotoxicology Assessments
  • Management of livestock, feral animals and runoff from agricultural areas
  • Management of mining and industrial refinery operations
  • Experimental tolerance testing of freshwater fauna, especially tolerance to low dissolved oxygen and elevated water temperatures
  • Evaluating the ongoing ecological health of terrestrial, riparian and freshwater systems across North Queensland
  • Understanding the links between natural and anthropogenic pressures, water quality, limnology and ecological processes in tropical freshwater ecosystems
  • Biodiversity surveys of North Queensland streams and discovery of new freshwater species
  • Ecology and management of freshwater turtles
  • Development of water quality guidelines
  • Training and capacity building
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