Cecilia Villacorta-Rath

Research Scientist - Freshwater Ecology

Cecilia is working on the Northern Australia eDNA Program at TropWATER. She is trailing field methods and conducting laboratory experiments testing the persistence and detectability of eDNA of an array of species of conservation and management significance.

Cecilia has previously worked in a wide variety of research topics, ranging from larval fish and seagrass ecology to invertebrate genomics. At James Cook University she pursued MSc in Marine Biology under the supervision of Dr. Mark McCormick. She then worked for the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation of Queensland conducting seagrass monitoring along the northern and central Queensland coast. In 2013 Cecilia moved to Hobart to start a PhD at the University of Tasmania. Using next generation sequencing (NGS) Cecilia investigated the patterns of larval dispersal of the Southern rock lobster in southeast Australia. She is passionate about using genetic tools towards the sustainable management of marine and freshwater resources.

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