Seagrass Ecology

The seagrass ecology group is a leading global research team that specialises in research and monitoring of tropical marine habitats worldwide but with a focus on Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. We work with industry and regulatory authorities to investigate coastal systems and the ecosystem services they provide and the group contributes targeted  evidence-based management solutions.

The group’s projects focus on seagrass ecology but also include research on turtles and dugong, on fish and prawn populations, on coastal management and on coral restoration. We span expertise from high impact journal publications to synthesis products such as industry reports and environmental report cards. We link directly to authorities and regulatory agencies to influence environmental management outcomes

Our research themes include:

  1. Science based advice to managers and regulators
  2. Habitat mapping , assessment and monitoring
  3. Developing environmental requirements and ecologically relevant thresholds
  4. Resilience, recovery and restoration of coastal habits
  5. Modelling biophysical factors that shape coastal ecosystems
  6. Enhancing the resilience and recovery of key habitats

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