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Wuthathi Land and Sea Custodians partner with TropWATER scientists

Wuthathi Land and Sea Custodians will use drones, helicopters, and drop camera surveys to map seagrass habitats on Wuthathi Sea Country in Northern Cape York, in partnership with TropWATER scientists.

Combining cutting-edge technology, science, and Traditional Ecological knowledge, the data collected will give Land and Sea Custodians and Traditional Owners the tools to develop plans for future monitoring and management of seagrass on Wuthathi Sea Country.

TropWATER is working alongside Wuthathi Land and Sea Custodians to conduct these surveys, helping to develop capacity in drone flight path programming, image collection, and recording of data on seagrass habitat.

The partnership will expand to helicopter and drop camera survey training later this year, where Wuthathi Land and Sea Custodians will be upskilled to undertake aerial and subtidal surveys to monitor inshore seagrass meadows.

The program is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


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