Stella Fulton

MSc Candidate

Stella is a Masters student at James Cook University. Her research focuses on the ecological impacts of macroalgal removal as a restoration technique for reefs around Magnetic Island. Many inshore reefs, such as those surrounding Magnetic Island, are experiencing change whereby the once coral-dominated ecosystems are being overgrown with fleshy macroalgae. Physically removing macroalgae therefore poses potential as a coral recovery technique, however the ecological dynamics of this intervention require further understanding. Stella’s work is part of a larger project funded by EarthWatch Institute, allowing for citizen science engagement. 

Stella also has a keen interest and background in using mathematical models to assist in understanding ecological processes. She aims to incorporate modelling into her project to better synthesise the dynamics of ecosystem change on inshore coral reefs. 

Advisers: David Bourne, Ian McLeod and Hillary Smith

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