Redbird Ferguson

PhD Candidate

Redbird has a passion for how Indigenous cultural knowledge can enhance our understanding and improve our management practices of natural ecosystems and human-environment interactions. After completing her undergraduate studies at James Cook University (Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology and Archaeology followed by a First Class Honours in Archaeology), Redbird commenced her doctoral candidacy in 2020 with an AIMS@JCU scholarship. Her project aims to co-develop an Indigenous mapping framework to improve the way Indigenous cultural knowledge and values are brought alongside western science to inform Indigenous-led Sea Country management. The project involves the use of geographic information systems and remote sensing instruments as tools to align Indigenous Knowledge with western scientific data.

Primary Supervisor: Dr Karen Joyce (JCU)
Secondary supervisors: Dr Christian Reepmeyer (JCU), Dr Rachel Groom (AIMS/CDU), Dr Kellie Pollard (CDU)

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