Lucas Langlois

Technical Officer - Seagrass Ecology/ Catchment to Reef Processes

Originally from Paris, France, Lucas completed a BSc in Biology in 2011 at University Pierre et Marie Curie followed by MSc in Marine Biology at James Cook University in 2013.

After finishing a Master’s project on coral physiological acclimation, Lucas has been involved in several projects, looking at seagrass productivity under various environmental gradients (light, temperature, Co2, nutrients).

Lucas is currently working on the both the seagrass and the water quality components of the Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program (MMP). The main tasks for these projects include a combination of field work (monitoring of seagrass intertidal habitat) and lab work as well as data analyses and data management for reporting. As a R enthusiast, he developed strong statistical skills especially in temporal and spatial modelling using Bayesian statistics (R INLA).

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