Jock Mackenzie

Casual Research Worker

Jock Mackenzie is Coordinator-Director and co-founder of MangroveWatch, based at TropWater, James Cook University, Townsville. Jock is currently completing his PhD on mangrove health assessment and has spent the past 10 years working in the field of mangrove ecology, examining the issues that impact these important habitats in Australia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Solomon Islands. He’s passionate about working with local people to help protect their important mangrove resource. Jock’s broad research interests include mangrove ecosystem health assessment, saltmarsh ecology, tidal wetlands and blue carbon and tidal wetland ecosystem services.

Google Scholar Publications

Selected Publications:

Mackenzie, J., Duke, N.C., Baba, K., Wood, A., Rogers, B., Haller, A. & O’Mara, J. (2011). MangroveWatch Burnett-Mary region is one year old! Outcomes and lessons learned. Wetlands Australia. National Wetlands Update 2011. 19:26-27.

Mackenzie, J.R. & N.C. Duke. (2009). State of the Mangroves Report: Burnett Mary Region. A descriptive account and condition assessment of estuaries, tidal wetlands and mangroves. Final Report to the Burnett Mary Regional Group. University of Queensland, Centre for Marine Studies, Brisbane.

Duke, N.C., A. Wood, K. Hunnam, J. Mackenzie, A. Haller, N. Christiansen, K. Zahmel, and T. Green. (2010). Shoreline Ecological Assessment Aerial and Ground Surveys, 7-19 November 2009. As part of the Scientific Monitoring Study of the West Atlas Monitoring Plan. 244 pages. Report to PTTEP Australasia by Uniquest University of Queensland, School of Biological Sciences, Brisbane.

Duke, N. C., J. Mackenzie, A. Wood. (2010). Tidal Wetland Flora of New Caledonia. 92 pages. Final Report to Infremer – funded by the French Embassy in Australia. Uniquest with University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Duke, N.C., N. Wilson, J. Mackenzie, H.H. Nguyen, D. Puller. (2010). Assessing mangrove forests, shoreline condition and feasibility of REDD for Kiang Giang Province Vietnam. July 2010. 137 pages. Report to GTZ. University of Queensland, School of Biological Sciences, Mangrove Hub, Brisbane.

Duke, N.C., J. Mackenzie, A. Wood, A. Haller, K. Baba, B. Rogers, and J. O’Mara. (2010). MangroveWatch: Linking  Community, Science & Management for the Preservation of Mangrove Coasts. University of Queensland, Brisbane. Link to report.

Duke, N.C. & Mackenzie, J. (2010). Pioneering mangrove monitoring program partners experts with the community. Wetlands Australia 18:24-25.


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