Andreas Dietzel

Casual Research Worker

Andreas was born and grew up in rural Germany, about as far away from coral reefs you can get. He discovered his love for coral reefs during a trip to Australia about ten years ago with an obligatory trip to the Great Barrier Reef and an OWD course. With an undergrad in Ecology and a Masters degree in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University Andreas covered both the natural and social sciences, while always keeping an eye on coral reef sciences. For his Masters thesis Andreas teamed up with a group of scientists from Wageningen University to investigate regime shift dynamics in coral reefs using a modelling approach. More precisely, the team examined grazer dynamics and the role of functional redundancy and response diversity for the resilience of our model reefs. After completing a traineeship at the European Commission and at a dive centre in Portugal, Andreas received the offer to pursue his PhD at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies under the supervision of Professor Terry Hughes.

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