Abbi Scott

PhD Candidate and Casual Research Worker

Abbi moved to Australia in 2016 to pursue a passion for seagrass ecology after working on seagrasses, rocky shore ecology and citizen science projects in the UK. She started her PhD with the TropWATER seagrass ecology team in 2017, looking at how herbivores can structure seagrass meadows on the Great Barrier Reef and how this can affect the delivery of ecosystem services by seagrasses. Abbi’s research looks at the herbivore community as a whole, from large herbivores such as dugongs and turtles to small mesograzers, to quantify their impact on meadow structure. Understanding the role of plant-herbivore interactions in structuring seagrass meadows and modifying seagrass ecosystem service delivery is key to managing and conserving both seagrass meadows and herbivore populations in the future.

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Principal Supervisor: Dr Michael Rasheed

Co-supervisor: Prof Marcus Sheaves, Dr Paul York,  A/Prof Peter Macreadie

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