Project update: Assessing sea turtle health using bio-electrical impedance analysis

A project update from PhD Candidate Sara Kophamel.We finished data collection!After several challenging field trips to the Great Barrier Reef and around Magnetic Island, we managed to examine enough turtles for our project. We have been testi...



Using eDNA in the tropics to effectively identify invasive, elusive and rare species

TropWATER researchers have led a new review describing how to better use a revolutionary DNA technique in the tropics, so scientists can more effectively identify invasive, elusive and rare species.PhD candidate Madalyn Cooper (supervised by Trop...



OZFish North Queensland works to improve the health of local waterways

TropWATER Member and OzFish Unlimited project manager for north and far north QLD, Dr Geoff Collins has been working with the Cairns OzFish Chapter, as well as local government and other community groups to improve the health of local waterways. This...



New paper – using jellyfish to monitor herbicide runoff

Herbicides are an integral part of global agricultural activity but can be advected into local drainages that can discharge to coastal marine systems. Herbicide runoff can impact coastal marine organisms, including those associated with coral reefs a...



Citizen science water quality monitoring project in the Whitsunday Region

TropWATER researchers Dr Nathan Waltham and Dr Jordan Iles are engaged with tourism operators to initiate a citizen science water quality monitoring project in the Whitsunday Region. This citizen science project brings together partners from a cross ...



New global database to guide coral restoration

James Cook University researchers say a massive new research database will help experts make better decisions about the restoration of coral reefs.“It’s critical to learn from past mistakes and adapt methods and techniques, to ensure more eff...



One size fits none: Tailoring messages to communicate environmental threats

A new publication led by TropWATER postgraduate student Madelyn Pardon describes a more targeted approach to the communication of environmental threats, such as drought, with the aim of increasing the sustainability of the natural resource.Abstra...



TropWATER researchers can see through murky waters

TropWATER Researchers recently published the results of a fish survey that delivered more than they’d bargained for…The study, funded by the Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, originally set out to search for endangered freshwater ...



Grunters can be flippers

Grunters are a widespread group of fishes in freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats mostly found in tropical Australia, Papua New Guinea and the tropical Pacific islands. Last year coal grunters (attire: black body, gold flecks) were observed movi...