Urban and industrial seascapes


Urbanisation and industrial development expansion replaces natural nursery shoreline habitat with built infrastructure. While the engineering satisfies standards and budget outcomes for human use, it often results in loss of coastal biodiversity, and reduces ecosystem services. In the face of climate change, sea level rise, and the demand for waterfront living and recreation, armouring and modifying shorelines will increase along with expansion of marinas, canal estates, bridges/roadways, and port facilities. Understanding the ecology of coastal development and consequences on biodiversity cannot advance by simply documenting change, it needs robust experimental programs that provide novel, balanced, engineering solutions that maximise biodiversity, and provides value to recreational fishers.

TropWATER’s Dr Nathan Waltham is meeting this challenge by working with coastal managers and planners, to understand the potential to balance coastal urban and industrial development with environmental and conservation outcomes. Green engineering solutions are available which provide a more soft engineering solution in sensitive coastal areas.

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