Indigenous ranger training for river and wetland health protection


Community stakeholder participation in coastal freshwater and tidal wetland monitoring and restoration has become increasingly recognised.  In Australia, Land and Sea Ranges (LSR) are appointed custodians of the land and sea from local indigenous communities and under guidance of experts learn a range of scientifically relevant and rigorous sampling techniques to protect and conserve Country.

Indigenous ranger training for wetland health

A number of LSR programs exist and have achieved major environmental conservation outcomes [e.g., feral pig exclusion fencing to protect coastal wetlands, weed control, community education and water health monitoring].  In addition to on-ground restoration and protection of natural landscape features, these collaborative research partnerships contribute to mutual beneficial transfer of knowledge and understanding of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

TropWATER is involved in a number of Land and Sea Indigenous ranger training programs in northern Australia.  These training programs have resulted in many major on-ground monitoring and restoration projects which has not only contributed to restoring environmental values, but also returned cultural values into coastal wetland landscapes.

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