Sediment characterisation and tracing from catchment to reef


The Catchment to Reef Research Group uses the physical, elemental and isotopic makeup of soils/suspended sediments in the Burdekin, Tully and Johnstone River catchments to obtain a distinct “fingerprint” of the fine sediments (mud fraction) entering the marine environment. Sampling of the suspended sediments offshore in flood plumes and strategically-deployed sediment traps allow the sediment processes to be better understood and to trace the sediment back to a catchment source to refine management prioritisation. The key aims are to identify specific sources of the fine sediments which are transported large distances in the GBR lagoon. This project is supported through the National Environmental Science Program (NESP).

The Group are also interested in methodological development of suspended sediment characterisation and tracing techniques including innovations on collection of suspended sediment, particle size methods, clay mineralogy and sediment recovery. This project is linked to the NESP project and supported through an Advance Queensland Fellowship.
Previously we have examined the sources, transport, loads and fate of sediment in catchments of the Great Barrier Reef including constructing catchment budgets using monitoring, modelling and tracing data and using marine sediment cores to examine changes in deposition rates and sources over time.

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