Green Walls


Soil moisture sensors in the green wall units (black box and white boxes). Both sensors are 3D printed and are testing for effect of colour on circuitry.

Vertical greenery is increasingly used in urban areas to combat urban heat island effects, manage stormwater runoff, beautify streets and help restore urban ecosystems. We are interested in collaborating with others who are interested in building green walls in the wet tropics, including the environmental and health benefits of green walls, innovations in plant selection and smart sensor monitoring. We are trialling a green wall at JCU’s Cairns Campus, which will be used as a teaching and research tool, bringing together a multi-disciplinary of experts in hydrology, urban design, plant science and engineering.

The lead researchers for this project are Dr HanShe Lim (TropWATER), Assoc. Prof Lisa Law (Centre for Disaster Studies, JCU), and Dr Eric Wang (IoT Engineering, JCU).

Opportunities for students:

  • Soil moisture sensor development and testing
  • Analysis of soil moisture data collected from the green roof
Dr Eric Wang next Cairns Green Wall Experiment
Soil moisture sensor









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