Best Management Practice for sugarcane pesticide management


Herbicides and other pesticides have been identified as a key land-sourced water quality risk for the GBRWHA. TropWATER’s Catchment Reef Research Group (CRRG) is a key partner in several herbicide and pesticide Best Management Practice and water quality extension programs headed by Sugar Research Australia (SRA). The projects broadly aim to identify strategies for improved pesticide management and also encouraging practice change adoption by Queensland cane growers relating to on-farm pest control. This includes on-farm trials of water quality and weed control benefits of alternative, emerging herbicides and precision herbicide application strategies (shield and band spraying), as well as grower engagement on obstacles and information gaps to support on-farm decision-making.

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Further Reading

Davis. A.M., & Pradolin, J. (2016) Precision herbicide application technologies to decrease herbicide losses in furrow irigation outflows in a northeastern Australian cropping system. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 64(2), 4021-4028. doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.5b04987.


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