Therese Kaul

PhD Candidate

Therese completed her prior studies at Massey University, New Zealand (Bachelor of Science with a major in Earth Science and a First Class Honours in Soil Science). Her Honours project “Geostatistical Determination of Soil Noise and Soil Phosphorus Spatial Variability” is published in the journal Agriculture. She commenced her Doctoral degree at James Cook University in 2020. Her research project will involve modelling the hydrology of farmland in the Mulgrave-Russell catchment to determine where to install water treatment interventions such as constructed wetlands and denitrification bioreactors, all with the aim to promote a sustainable farming system that meets the needs of farmers whilst reducing the impact of farm run-off on the Great Barrier Reef. She is planning to work for the government in the future and is particularly interested in how knowledge of earth sciences, Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing technologies can be applied to solve issues such as creating sustainable food systems and safeguarding World Heritage Areas for future generations.

Primary Advisor: A/Prof Paul Nelson
Secondary Advisors: Dr Han She Lim and Dr Nathan Waltham

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