Sara Kophamel

PhD Candidate

Sara is a Spanish veterinarian with expertise in wild and exotic animal medicine. Driven by the desire to focus more on wildlife health and conservation, Sara decided to join the Turtle Health Research team at James Cook University to start her PhD. Sara is specially interested in developing new diagnostic tools for assessing wildlife in their natural environment. More specifically, Sara is adapting a bioelectrical impedance analyser (BIA) on green sea turtles, the most commonly encountered sea turtle species in Queensland. The BIA is a portable device which measures the amount of fat turtles have, making it attractive for field studies. By examining several turtle foraging grounds along Queensland, Sara expects to find differences between sea turtle populations, as malnourished turtles may rather be found in human-impacted areas. Sara hopes to develop a helpful tool for conservation and management outcomes.

Thesis Title: Assessment of Health Status in Sea Turtle Populations by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method.



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