Samantha Tol

PhD Candidate and Casual Research Worker

Samantha Tol is a PhD candidate at James Cook University (JCU), within the Science and Engineering College and The Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER). Her current research is aimed at determining whether marine mega-herbivores (concentrating on dugongs and green sea turtles) play a direct and/or indirect biotic role in the dispersal of tropical seagrasses. She currently works for the Seagrass Ecology Team within TropWATER, and is based at the JCU Cairns Campus.

Thesis title: Relative importance of different seagrass re-establishment strategies in tropical Queensland

Principal supervisor: Dr Brad Congdon

Co-supervisors: Dr Rob Coles, Dr Paul York, Ian Bell and Jessie Jarvis

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