Ninghu Su

Adjunct Professor
PhD (ANU), MSc (CAS), BSc (Ningxia)

Dr Su received his PhD from the Australian National University (ANU), MSc from the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and BSc from the College of Agricultural Science, Ningxia University, China. He has carried out research at many universities and research organizations in Australia, China and New Zealand.

His research interests span hydrology, soil physics, environmental fluid dynamics, and environmental modelling. His areas of expertise cover the following topics:

  • new mathematical models based on fractional calculus in hydrology, soil science and flow in porous media;
  • contaminant hydrology, water flow and solute transport in soils and aquifers and overland;
  • surface and groundwater interactions;
  • innovative water management such as new irrigation methods and rainwater use;
  • coastal hydrology and hydraulics;
  • environmental modelling, and
  • environmental history and environmental change during historical and geological times etc.

His focus since 2003 has been the development and application of fractional calculus-based models in the form of fractional partial differential equations (fPDEs) and fractional integral equations (fIEs). He has developed a set of fPDEs for water flow in soils and groundwater (Journal of Hydrology, 2014, 2017).

His newly completed book entitled Fractional Calculus for Hydrology, Soil Science and Geomechanics  presents his latest research findings and developments on fPDEs and fIEs, the mathematical connections between fPDEs and integer PDEs and overviews of both historical development and current research activities in related fields. BookAuthority, an associate of Amazon, has been tracking and ranking books and has placed this book as one of the best soil books in 2021.

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