Glenn Morgan

Technical Officer - Freshwater Ecology

Glenn has worked for TropWATER  in the Freshwater Ecology Group since 2005.

His roles include providing field support to several limnological research projects and technical assistance to establish and maintain laboratory experiments in TropWATER’s aquarium facilities. For example he is involved in determining the tolerance of a large range of native tropical freshwater and exotic pest fish species to elevated temperatures and low dissolved oxygen, and experiments designed to quantify and maximise the effects of electrofishing on the pest species tilapia

He has also designed and developed field equipment used for the collection of water samples and other environmental data.

Other key roles include the calibration, maintenance and operation of field equipment including water quality meters, data-loggers, boats and electro-fishers, implementing field surveys involving the collection of water, sediment and freshwater biota samples, and conducting macro-invertebrate and fish surveys.

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