Diane Jarvis

Research Fellow

Diane is an environmental economist with an emerging record of research accomplishments in the study of social and economic aspects of environmental/natural resource management, focusing primarily on investigating and evaluating trade-offs and co-benefits arising from natural resource use/environmental conservation and economic development within northern Australia.  A significant proportion of Diane’s research has focused on the complex inter-relationships between human activities and the GBR, incorporating work investigating the impact of the GBR, and water quality in the GBR lagoon, on residents of the GBR catchment and tourists visiting the region, and also the impacts that economic activity in the GBR catchment has on the GBR and the quality of water within the lagoon.  Diane completed her PhD at James Cook University in 2017, and has since been employed jointly by JCU and CSIRO, where she has been involved in a wide range of different collaborative cross-disciplinary research projects.

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