Claudia Trave

PhD Candidate

Claudia transferred to Australia in 2013 to work as a researcher at the Estuarine and Coastal Wetland Ecosystems Research Group (College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University) and TropWATER under the tutelage of Prof. Marcus Sheaves. The focus of her research was the evaluation of impacts of anthropogenic activities on coastal wetlands (in particular saltmarshes) and local fauna distribution and interactions. Other tasks included tutoring, assisting in lectures and working as a graphic illustrator for publications, presentation and ongoing projects. After being awarded the JCU IPRS in 2014, Claudia commenced her PhD in coastal ecology and management focusing on the configuration and utility of natural and artificial habitat features  in tropical estuaries exposed to anthropogenic development, to provide data for the improvement of management of estuaries as productive ecosystems that contribute to important ecological and human services.

Primary supervisor: Nathan Waltham

Co-supervisor: Marcus Sheaves

Google Scholar Publications

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