Chris van de Wetering

Research officer

Chris has had a passion for the ocean from a young age, involved with marine rescue and conservation groups throughout the mid north coast before undertaking a Bachelor in Marine Science and Management. 

He has been heavily involved with research and managment efforts for Sea Turtles and Dugong through the Department of Environment and Science (QLD Government). Taking part in feeding ground capture and monitoring programs as well as mainland and isolated island nesting beach work throughout South-East Queensland since 2016. He is now a research officer for the seagrass ecology group within TropWATER based in Cairns, helping with the maintenance, collection, processing and reporting of our water quality monitoring sites and seagrass research and surveys.

He is interested in furthering his studies throughout projects aimed towards deepening our understanding around the interactions between green sea turtles and their habitat, in particular coastal seagrass meadows. 

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