Exciting new partnership with OzFish Unlimited

TropWATER is proud to announce a new partnership with OzFish Unlimited. OzFish is a not-for-profit organization that was launched in 2015 with the aim of protecting and restoring fish habitat around Australia and involving recreational fishermen from all around the country in this task. Their work covers freshwater, estuary and coastal fish habitats including dams and lakes, wetlands and waterways.

Members of the Moreton Bay Chapter preparing shellfish reef modules

So far, 27 groups have joined OzFish in a range of on-the-ground projects such as ecological restoration projects (seagrass, wetlands, and shellfish reefs), clean-ups, fish passage, and urban creek renewal as well as citizen science and education projects.

In 2018, OzFish strengthened its Queensland work by partnering with TropWATER. Craig Copeland, CEO and Adjunct Associate Professor, says that: “We’re looking to expand our relationships with universities. We’re also hoping to find more keen fishers who want to help fix things”. So far, OzFish has already been involved in clean-ups in the Cairns region, as well as monitoring of Lily Creek.

Members of the Richmond Chapter undertaking shellfish counts

The project manager for the North Queensland work, Geoff Collins is a TropWATER adjunct research associate. Through the partnership with JCU and TropWATER, OzFish is hoping to develop and assist in more research projects, particularly around the role recreational fishers can play in improving degraded water systems.

We look forward to sharing more interesting news as we develop more projects with OzFish. In the meantime, please contact Craig or Geoff if you would like to get involved, either as a keen fisherman, or as a keen research partner.

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