Coasts and Estuaries- The Future

New book release led by Professor Eric Wolanski.

JCU’s adjunct professor Eric Wolanski is the lead editor of a new book covering all aspects of coasts and estuaries in a changing world. The book entitled “Coasts and Estuaries, the future” describes pressures to neglected coastal and estuaries, as well as associated threats to human societies.

While coasts and estuaries are home to over 40% of the world’ population, they are under immense pressures from not only climate change but also increased urbanisation and industrialisation and decreased availability of energy and other resources such as freshwater.

The book covers all regions of the globe with contributions from over 150 world-renowned scientists from 27 countries. There are also five chapters focused on Australian coastal and estuarine systems including one chapter by TropWATER’s research scientist Dr Ian McLeod on how restoring oyster reefs can improve water quality.

“The book shows how we can both protect and maintain the natural system and also allow these coasts and estuaries to deliver services which produce societal goods and benefits.”

“It’s intended as a wake-up call to policy-makers and politicians who say they want a future which protects human safety, the economy and nature, while providing sustainable solutions. If that’s true, then this book shows you what you do to get that,” said Professor Wolanski (JCU, TropWATER).

Co-editors include Mike Elliott (University of Hull, United Kingdom), John W. Day (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA), and Ramesh Ramachandran (National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Government of India, Chennai, India).

Further description and purchases details are available on the book editor webpage.

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