‘Turtle gate’ gives safe passage in feral pig dilemma

Native freshwater turtles have been caught in the battle to keep feral pigs out of coastal wetlands, with many adult turtles becoming fatally trapped by fences.But now, scientists and Traditional Owners on Cape York Peninsula have found it’s po...



Using genetic clues in the race to find ‘missing’ frogs

Genetic clues in the water could lead scientists to the last surviving populations of frogs on the brink of extinction – and it could be our last hope to find them.For decades, scientists have slowly scoured remote mountain ranges in search of ...



Clever fish – Yellowfin Bream Individuality

For the first time, yellowfin bream has been recorded grasping and manoeuvring shells, pebbles, leaves and sticks in search for hidden prey.TropWATER scientists, Dr Brendan Ebner, who captured the behavioural footage, said this kind of foraging s...



Dissecting the Dishonourable Catfish from the Tablelands Trophy Fishery

The recent 2021 Barra Bash at Lake Tinaroo was about angler participation and the elusive big barramundi, but emerging citizen scientists also investigated an unwanted species that has become established in the reservoir. The annual fishing tournamen...



Competitive Summer Internship and Industry Placement with $2,000 bursary – Cairns/Townsville/Mackay

How would you like to join forces with an award winning university and industry partnership for a unique career-enhancing opportunity in marine science and environmental management?James Cook University’s TropWATER and North Queensland Bulk P...



Student research projects available at TropWATER Cairns

JCU TropWATER in Cairns has a number of student research projects available for honours, masters and PhD students including:Understanding resilience of large persistent seagrass species to low light conditions Investigating next-gen 3D p...



Massive coral pre-dating European exploration and settlement of Australia discovered on GBR

“Using calculations based on rock coral growth rates and annual sea surface temperatures, we think it’s between 421 and 438 years old and predates European exploration and settlement of Australia,” said Dr Smith.The coral was discovered off...



Repairing wetlands using big business

Researchers believe an innovative new scheme could help save and restore threatened wetlands, such as those that are crucial to the health of the Great Barrier Reef.The research, from a James Cook University-led international multi-disciplinary c...



Tourists may love waterfalls, but so do shifty shrimps

Field studies involving scientists from TropWATER, CSIRO Land & Water and a prominent ichthyologist Professor Philippe Keith from the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, show that waterfalls are key feature structuring fish and crus...