World Oceans Day Event – Book launch for “Active Coral Restoration – Techniques for a Changing Planet”

JCU, ATSIP (Bld 145) Ground Floor Seminar Room

For World Oceans Day, TropWATER will be hosting the launch of “Active Coral Restoration – Techniques for a Changing Planet”.


  1. Introduction by Damien Burrows
  2. Video from Dr David Vaughan
  3. Ian McLeod to talk about the NESP project and some of the outcomes including the book
  4. Adam Smith to talk about chapter 2 History
  5. Nathan Cook to talk about chapter 15 Case study Australia
  6. Wrap up and actions for WOD


A limited number of books will be available for purchase. Discount vouchers available.
Resources for WOD can be found here.

This event will be BYO lunch. Please care for the environment and make this a plastic free event.

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