JCU scientist earns Australia Day honour

JCU’s Colin Creighton has been recognised in the Australia Day Honours List for his service to environmental science and natural resource management.

The Adjunct Principal Research Scientist for the Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Research (TropWATER) focuses on developing ways to optimise use of natural resources.

“We can be smart about our use of agricultural land and the use of our soils and labour,” he says.

“This is about optimising the way we respond to our natural environment in a way that benefits ourselves and environment. We can be a lot more profitable and a lot more sustainable.”

Colin says improving our approach to natural resource management will benefit the environment and a range of industries.

“We’re all saying, ‘let’s be smarter about the way we manage the land’,” he says. “Farmers don’t want to waste fertiliser. We can optimise what we do. This will help fishermen, help tourism and help biodiversity.”

Colin says he was honoured to receive the award and the recognition for the work he has done with people throughout Queensland, Australia and the world.

“This is affirmation that the work that we have collectively done is well regarded and useful,” he says.

“No one person achieves everything. It’s about groups working together with a shared vision.”

Congratulations to all JCU staff, students and alumni who received Australia Day Honours.

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